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Own a small holding (with full title) on a game farm only 20 km from Windhoek in a beautiful undisturbed area. Have all the advantages of an own game farm (some needs permission), but none of the disadvantages. This is a perfect breakaway (or hide-away) to the African bush. You won’t believe that you are commuting distance from Windhoek!


Dear Reader

 We are excited to announce a very special proposition for any nature & Africa enthusiast with the dream of having their own farm in Namibia/ Africa but being put off by the following: 

  1. The risk the land reform policy holds for “absentee landlords”.
  2. An entire farm being a overkill. All they want is to enjoy the bush and wildlife (as if on their own farm) with no management hassle and likely also only for a few months a year.
  3. Farms tend to be far away from towns, posing problems for people who may prefer the proximity to a city with all amenities (incl. Hospitals etc.)
  4. After arrival in Namibia don’t want to travel for hours before getting to “their” farm

 The proposition is "on" the game ranch Ongos, which, with the exception of its location 20 km from Windhoek, perfectly fits this description from “Out of Africa – Karen Blixen: The views were immensely wide – Everything that you saw made for greatness and freedom......You woke up in the morning and thought: Here I am, where I ought to be”. In spite of its proximity to Windhoek, the farm is visually shielded from the city by a couple of mountains, thus still offering a real bush experience. There are no traversing public roads making this a very private place.


The proposition is that nature enthusiasts are allowed the opportunity of owning a smallholding compromising a pristine part of Namibian bush-feld (with hassle free life and enjoyment of the bush and wildlife experience). If interested, owners are invited to team up with veterinarian and game farm expert Ulf Tubbesing (and other tenants on the game farm) to make a meaningful contribution towards conservation

There are only five small holdings (of 5 ha each), with full title still available on the game farm, allowing a strategic and symbiotic partnership between nature enthusiasts. Architectural guidelines ensure that the buildings blend in with the natural environment. Residential units are visually shielded from each other. The restricted occupancy guarantees minimized environmental impact and exclusivity for the owners. (NOTE: There is nothing in comparison to this in all of Namibia).

 The game farm is professionally managed by Ulf Tubbesing. Preservation of habitat and biodiversity are the main objectives. Owners are rewarded the privilege of traversing over the entire farm and thus benefit from being part of a much greater area.

Ongos has a very scenic and varied landscape with habitat types supporting a big variety of plants and large numbers of game of various endemic species. The larger game includes Giraffe, Oryx, Eland, Kudu, Wildebeest, Hartebeest, Burchell as well as Hartmann zebra, which roam freely. Warthog and the smaller antelope (Duiker, Steenbok, Klipspringer, and Springbok) are also in abundance. The farm supports a healthy population of predators (Leopard, Caracal and Brown Hyena) as well as numerous smaller game species and a very rich bird life (incl. Water birds like Fish Eagle and Pelican).

We welcome any owner of the small holdings on the farm to participate with game ranching. Investments will be utilised to purchase and build breeding herds of rare and endangered game species (e.g. Roan and Sable antelope, Rhino), according to a separate contract with interested owners.

Assistance in obtaining residence permits!! We will assist buyers process their applications through the Investment Centre, where the staff is supportive of our project.

To view the area on Google Earth follow this link to download the Google Earth KML file: Ongos Game farm. Double click the file after the download.

For more information please contact Koos Keyser, detail below.

Contact: Koos Keyser

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel: +264 61 254461

Mobile: +264 85 128 0588

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