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Nuus & Inligting

Ongos Photo Gallery

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A view from above on a Camelthorn tree in full bloom.

The same tree after a storm

The same spot after a storm.


An Eagle of some sort?


Water is something that you take photos of here.

Water water

Water, water, we love water here.


A Klipspringer licking the rockface for nutrients.


A young Kudu trying Klipspringer territory?


Another Kudu blending in.

Kudus from deck

Kudus from your deck.


Giraffe in a different time of the year.


20170901 081621

First blossoms in spring

20170902 080545

The blossoms up close

20180511 093240

20180511 095952

Next a few photos of the landscape

20180511 101406

20180511 101419

20180511 102004

20180511 102429

If you look closely you will see a neighbour's house.

We do have people arround if we want to......


Some friends singing at a camp-fire in a dry riverbed on Ongos.

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